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Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

The Lumenis LightSheer Duet is the latest breakthrough technology for hair removal and has been clinically proven as the best treatment for all skin types and colours. In the medical world, it is recognized as the GOLD standard for permanent hair reduction.

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive office procedure for a permanent reduction of facial and body hair. This procedure does not require any anaesthesia. The LightSheer Duet will effectively treat all hair types and complexion ranges including tanned and fair skin. The laser is so precise in targeting hair, that you can have hair removed from all parts of the body with minimal discomfort and treatment time.


In the last decade, many lasers and phototherapies have been introduced for the same purpose. However, Duet is way ahead of all the other modalities of permanent hair removal available as it is the….

  • FASTEST - Ten minutes for both legs (other lasers take 2-5 hours)
  • LEAST PAINFUL -As much as waxing (1/5th of the pain compared to other lasers)
  • SAFEST -As it is more effective at lower powers
  • BEST -Gold Standard for effective hair removal
Laser Hair Removal How long has The Laser Centre been doing laser hair removal procedures?
  The Laser Centre has been doing laser hair removal procedures since 2000. We were the pioneers of this technology in India. Using the state-of-the-art laser system, we have removed unwanted hair from thousands of satisfied men and women. We have performed more than 30,000 treatments.
Laser Hair Removal How does the Laser remove hair?
The laser works by a principle called Selective Photothermolysis. The laser is pulsed (turned on) for a millisecond emitting a gentle beam of light on to the skin. The light energy passes harmlessly through the skin, but is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and hair shaft. By absorbing this laser energy, the hair follicles are disabled, impairing their ability to grow. The laser is effective on hair follicles in the active growth phase (anagen).
Laser Hair Removal How is the laser hair removal procedure performed?
  A hand piece is pressed against the skin during the treatment, which delivers and unhindered laser beam to the desired target area. The laser beam is absorbed by the root of the hair and the hair root is burned permanently without damaging the skin and surrounding tissues at all.

The laser beam targets the pigment within the hair follicle, disabling the follicle. It is designed to selectively target the follicle without harming the surrounding skin.
Laser Hair Removal Is this procedure safe for everyone?
  Yes. The laser parameters were carefully defined to inhibit re-growth by studying the anatomy of the hair follicle and matching the laser light and pulse duration to the follicle size, depth, and location to safely and effectively remove hair.
Laser Hair Removal How many sessions are required?
  Visible results in hair reduction can be seen after 2-3 sessions. Satisfactory results are seen after 6-8 sessions. As all hair in a given body part does not grow at the same time, we have to remove them in stages. Lasers can only remove hair in the active stage.
Laser Hair Removal Why are follow-up sessions required?
  The laser effectively targets most of the hair follicles in the body. Hair growth pattern varies from individual to individual. But certain factors such as physiological changes in the body such as hormonal disturbances and imbalances, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, ovarian tumours, various medical conditions and medications can cause new hair growth.

Certain conditions or disorders like polycystic ovaries (PCOS), obesity (which disrupts the hormonal balance) and thyroid conditions also cause excessive hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal Will Laser Hair Removal work for me?
  Laser hair removal should work for you, if you choose a qualified hair removal centre. Make sure that the centre has a medical doctor who supervises the parameters of the treatments. The treatment should be performed by a trained laser technician. If you are skin type 4 through 6, you may require some additional sessions to get desired results.
Laser Hair Removal At what age can the treatment be done?
  Ideal age for laser hair removal procedure is 14-15 years (females), 16-18 years (males).
Laser Hair Removal Is it safe during pregnancy?
  Yes it is extremely safe during pregnancy. As laser is only a light beam and it never goes deeper than the hair follicle.
Laser Hair Removal Are there any long term side effects?
  In the medical field, lasers have been used since 1960’s. Till date, no long term side effects have been reported. Our centre uses lasers since 1999 and till date not a single case of any undesired effect has been observed. 
Laser Hair Removal What does the treatment include?
  Depending on the amount of hair and area treated, the procedure varies from patient to patient. Generally, the treatment will include: Safety eyewear to protect the patient's eyes during the procedure from the laser light. Most experience little discomfort at the treatment site. The sensation and the degree of discomfort varies with each person. 

In some cases, topical anesthesia is an option. Your physician will discuss this before laser treatment. Depending on the size or number of areas treated, the time will vary in length from minutes to a couple of hours. Patients can return to work or resume their normal activities immediately following treatment. The area may become slightly red and this may last from a few minutes to a day depending on the area and skin sensitivity.

Laser Hair Removal What should I expect after the treatment?
Around 3-10 days after the treatment, hair will begin to surface. Most of these hairs were treated and are “falling out”. This is NOT re-growth. The hair follicles need to purge the hairs that remained under the skin.
Laser Hair Removal How does laser hair removal differ from electrolysis and is the treatment permanent? 
  The main difference between this technology and the traditional method known as electrolysis, is that lasers can treat multiple hair follicles at one time, no longer requiring the need to identify and probe each individual hair follicle, as done with electrolysis. 

Laser hair removal is relatively new technology. The FDA, however, has recently provided clearance that indicates lasers can achieve a permanent reduction in hair growth based on clinical tests with patients who have hair reduction two years after treatment completion. 

Most people need an average of 6-8 treatments. Hair grows in cycles and subsequent treatments are necessary to treat the follicles that are lying dormant below the surface of the skin. These dormant follicles contain little pigment and are often not affected by the first treatment. Laser hair removal is the most practical, least painful, most efficient, and probably least expensive professional method available to remove unwanted hair.
Laser Hair Removal What are precautionary measures that need to be kept in mind before the treatment?

Avoid direct sun exposure to the area that needs to be treated. Do not wax, thread, pluck or bleach the area before the treatment.

  • Avoid bathing and washing the treated area with very hot water on the same day
  • Do not scratch or pluck the treated area
  • No facial or any other beauty procedure for 2 days after the treatment
  • Avoid direct sun exposure till all the treatments are over
  • Protect treated area with sunscreen / clothing / shade when out in the sunlight
  • Do not wax, thread, pluck or bleach between laser hair removal treatments
  • In case necessary, shaving and hair removing creams can be used between treatments

Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Even now, with the most modern technology, myths stop people from getting the high quality laser hair removal treatment.

Some of the common myths are:

  • It doesn't work
  • It hurts
  • Its expensive
  • It is time consuming
  • ALL LASERS are the same

The Laser Centre only used LightSheer Duet laser for all of its hair removal treatments. This is the gold standard for effective hair reduction in the medical world. This laser delivers a beam with pinpoint accuracy, targeting only the hair follicle and not the surrounding skin.

With the new breakthrough technology of the LightSheer Duet, patients experience minimal discomfort. This pain is not more than waxing and is 1/5th of the pain as compared to other lasers! Think about how many fewer laser hair removal sessions you will need to be hair free compared to a life long of waxing and shaving!


Laser hair removal is a procedure with permanent hair reduction up to 95%. There will be no more expenses on waxing, shaving, threading and electrolysis treatments. Overall, you will spend less for a laser treatment than you would have for a lifetime of temporary hair removal methods.
Also, consider our Full Body Hair Removal packages as well as customized packages!

The LightSheer Duet is the fastest and safest laser for hair removal. Other lasers can take up to 3 hours for legs treatment. Whereas we can do the same in ten minutes.

Laser Hair Removal On the face value, all cars look the same! But are they really??
You can not compare a Ferrari with any other car on the road. LightSheer Duet is a class by itself! It is used in the cosmetic world for the longest period of time and is approved by the medical world as the perfect balance between safety and efficacy.
Laser Hair Removal Is Laser Hair Removal expensive?

When you consider laser hair removal process as a permanent procedure, you will spend quite less overall, than you would have spent on repeated waxing, threading, and electrolysis treatments.

Waxing costs you:
Full Legs = Rs. 300-400/session
Every month for 30 years = Rs.108000-144000

Laser Hair Removal costs you:
Full Legs = Rs. 12,000/session
6 sessions = Rs. 72,000
2 Follow-up sessions = Rs. 6,000
TOTAL = Rs. 78,000

You SAVE: Rs. 30,000-66,000


No messy waxing, threading, shaving for life!!!!
We also offer great packages!

CONTACT US today if you would like to experience the benefits of the most modern and technologically advanced laser hair removal system at The Laser Centre.  During your initial consultation, we will review the entire laser hair removal process. All our procedures are performed by trained technicians under the supervision of our doctor!

  facial rejuvenation facial rejuvenation Skin Type V before and 4 months after last treatment (total of 3 treatments)

Photos courtesy of Dr. Nimish Patel, MS, Ahmedabad, India
  Before After  
  Permanent Hair Reduction Permanent Hair Reduction Skin Type V before and 3 months after last treatment (total of 4 treatments).

Photos courtesy of Dr. Nimish Patel, MS, Ahmedabad, India
  Before After  
  Permanent Hair Reduction Permanent Hair Reduction Skin Type V before and 4 months after last treatment (total of 7 treatments)

Photos courtesy of Dr. Nimish Patel, MS, Ahmedabad, India
  Before After  
  Permanent Hair Reduction Permanent Hair Reduction Skin Type V before and 5 months after last treatment (total of 4 treatments)

Photos courtesy of Dr. Nimish Patel, MS, Ahmedabad, India
  Before After  
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal
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